CONCEPT Interhorizontal NEXUS (Kiev 1-7)/ KONZEPT Interhorizontal NEXUS (Kiev 1-7)

(…) The 7-part work shows a diagrammatic, processual sequence of various themes which I have developed
within the last 2 years. The main theme and also most recent element is that of the horizon. The horizon
and its possible colours are set out in a dual fashion on each sheet. The patterns of possible
accumulations of horizon coexist on one sheet with additional themes such as position, direction;
melody, caesura, direction; external centre; rotation; territory, centre, oil, water; construction,
deconstruction, count up; airport; continental border; vortex, loop; Boeing 747, speed (0 – max
km/h), duration of event (in seconds), direction N, direction of movement, repetition per day and
grammar. The themes emerge from a debate with the social and cultural surroundings…continue to read download CONCEPT Interhorizontal NEXUS (Kiev)_EN.pdf….weiterlesen download KONZEPT Interhorizontal NEXUS (Kiev)_D.pdf