CONCEPT Works on Philosophy and Literature

(…) the artist presents a new group of drawings based on philosophical and literary texts, including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Prologue in Heaven” from Faust I, Epicurus’s “Letter to Menoeceus,” Wassily Kandinsky’s exchange of letters with Arnold Schönberg, works from Peter Sloterdijk, Douglas R. Hofstadter, Platon, Elias Canetti, and Paul Celan, and various „Haiku“ from the most eminent Japanese poets. (…) Voigt allows the viewer to participate in her own experience of appropriation and her attempt to understand the texts at hand. The artist renders what she reads into a dense network of notes and surfaces that serve as placeholders for the images evoked. Each surface in the drawing represents a quoted passage that produces visual associations for the reader (…) continue to read Pressetext Klosterfelde_Jorinde Voigt.pdf
Related works:
EPIKUR – BRIEF AN PYTHOKLES I – VIII / Epicurus – Letter to Pythocles I – VIII (Polyptichon)
Epikur – Brief an Menoikeus I, II, III (Triptychon)
“Goethe / Faust / Prolog im Himmel I-IV” (Polyptychon)
“Wassily Kandinsky/ Brief an Arnold Schönberg vom 5.2.1914″
“Douglas R. Hofstadter Gödel, Escher, Bach / „Die Air in G“, Achilles und die Schildkröte”
“Platon / Das Gastmahl / (14) Aristophanes”
“Japanische Haiku / Zu Neujahr + Frühling”
“Peter Sloterdijk / Stress und Freiheit”
“Elias Canetti /Masse und Macht /Rhythmus“