CONCEPT/ KONZEPT / The Art of Being Happy – Arthur Schopenhauer

„…The 65 works of the series “The Art of Being Happy” are an investigation into the process of understanding. They emerged directly from the process of reading the book: “Arthur Schopenhauer. The Art of Being Happy. Presented in 50 Rules for Life. Edited by Franco Volpi”. My study is related to questions such as: What fields are conceived in our imagination? What images are communicated? What inner images does the book evoke in me? Every sheet of the series is based on a passage of text about one of the rules for life or on an extract from such a passage. (See appendix “Text Extracts” in attachment) While reading, first of all I begin to underline things in the book and make pencil notes about the text on the drawing paper; as time passes, models of thought develop parallel to this, visualized in drawings on the same sheet of paper. Equivalent to the processes of understanding and reading, in part they crystalize into clear images, which are accentuated by means of gilding. The golden areas are the climaxes of the entire process. The gilt area becomes variously coloured, reflected more or less towards and away from us through the axis: Fall of Light – Viewer’s Standpoint. Materializing and immaterializing fall into one. (…)“ Continue to read CONCEPT Jorinde Voigt_EN.pdf
„…Die 65 Arbeiten der Serie „The Art of Being Happy“ sind eine Untersuchung zum Vorgang des Verstehens (…)des Buches: “Arthur Schopenhauer. Die Kunst, glücklich zu sein. Dargestellt in 50 Lebensregeln. Herausgegeben von Franco Volpi” (…) Daraus kristallisieren sich äquivalent zum Verstehens- und Leseprozess partiell deutliche Bilder, diese sind durch Vergoldung herausgehoben. Goldene Bereiche sind die Klimaxe des gesamten Prozesses…weiterlesen Konzept Schopenhauer.pdf
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