There are artists whose fundamental, primary impetus comes from art; others are significantly shaped by their environment, and still others derive stimulation from their reading. Jorinde Voigt draws equally from all three sources of inspiration. This is done with a subjectivist’s profound skepticism with regard to normative concepts of “reality,” “truth” and “knowledge.” What Voigt really tries to comprehend is this: insight. With a free hand and delicate marks, she took straight lines and curves, numbers, words and collage elements and developed them into a visual grammatology that allows her to transfer everything that is – or could be – the case around us and in us to a diagram-like matrix, to spread it out, to weave it together in order to make it available for fresh examination. Through the formative power of these graphisms – some stringently composed, others emotionally charged – individual facts of perception evolved that never deny their origins in the ultimately unfathomable abundance of sensuous impulses, and which are constantly striving for order. The artist’s catalogue raisonné comprises over two and a half thousand works in various media and materials, predominantly ink and paper…continue to read> From the Line to the Word and Back- Jorinde Voigt on the Move on a Thousand Levels Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt 2015.pdf

Vom Strich zum Begriff und zurück. Jorinde Voigt unterwegs auf tausend Ebenen Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt 2015.pdf