24 FEBRUARY – 6 APRIL 2024
P Two One Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

In the exhibition 2.0 featuring Jorinde Voigt and Xiyadie, paper transcends its two-dimensional origin and becomes the silent narrator of tales of delicacy, rebellion, and existence. The title of the show has several meanings: It refers to the exhibition being the first one in P Two One Gallery’s new space called 2.0, to the fact that the exhibition presents two artists, as well as to the binary symbolism of the numbers – 2 representing existence and material and 0 representing absence or the subconscious. The overlap of the artists practices is predominately their use of material but presenting them alongside one another brings out conceptual parallels too, allowing alternate readings of each artist’s work. For both of them, the fragility of each cut or fold becomes a poetic maker of time, capturing moments in the creation of the artwork. Jorinde Voigt and Xiyadie also share an exploration of ecological representation. Voigt’s abstractions featuring tree leaves converse with Xiyadie’s organic masses infused with fauna and flora, with paper at the center of their works becoming a conduit for the interconnectedness of life.