April 5 – June 4, 2024
Opening: April 4, 6-8pm
The Apex is Nothing
Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 144 W, 14th St., New York, NY 10011

The show exhibits essentially abstract works by a range of artists whose visual power is likewise catalyzed by the incursion or absorption of factors beyond the picture plane. The exhibition is inspired by Alfred Jensen, whose paintings and drawings maintain a center of energy between abstract form and an array of idea structures. Jensen’s thinking was shaped by his deep interest in realities outside of the strict visual concerns of painting or drawing, such as philosophy, physics, mathematics, and calendrical time. The other featured artists similarly draw upon diverse systems, including statistical data, language and text, and mapped social or political matrices.

Featured Artists: Mel Bochner, Becky Brown, Mike Cloud, Charles Gaines, Xylor Jane, Steffani Jemison, Alfred Jensen, Ellen Lesperance, Chris Martin, John O’Connor, Bruce Pearson, Leslie Roberts, Jorinde Voigt, Melvin Way, George Widener