Jorinde Voigt On Reality, Editor: Studio Jorinde Voigt, Moody Center for the Arts, Text: Erin Manning, Jorinde Voigt, Grafik: Marek Polewski, Janis Gildein, Publishing: Hatje Cantz Language: German, ISBN: 978-3-7757-5404-0, Price: €34,00.

On Reality brings together Jorinde Voigt’s current body of work, first exhibited in 2022 as part of the exhibition Experimental Strategies in Art + Music at the Moody Center for the Arts, Houston, Texas. By replacing the drawn line with the cut of the scalpel, Voigt creates works on paper through cutting, layering, and mounting that expand the medium of drawing into the threedimensional. Voigt’s idea of the artistic creative process as an operation on and production of reality literally comes into being. The concept that also underlies her sketch-like drawings of more recent date recalls the beginnings of Voigt’s artistic expression: notations with diagrammatic elements, musi- cal influences, and spontaneously transferred graphic ges- tures of situational experience. The publication includes a foreword by the Canadian cultural theorist, philosopher, and artist Erin Manning.