June 1 – October 13, 2024
Opening: Saturday, June 1, Noon – 6 pm
Guided Tour: 2 pm

Anniversary exhibition – 5 years of Schlossgut Schwante (Group Show)
with works by: Bettina Allamoda, Hans Arp, Christian Jankowski, Nadine Schemmann, Marion Verboom, Jorinde Voigt, Erwin Wurm et al.

Sculpture Park at Schlossgut Schwante
Schloßplatz 1-3, 16727 Oberkrämer, Germany


The two works by Jorinde Voigt presented at Schlossgut Schwante stem from her new body of mirror polished steel sculptures “Plenar” (Latin “plenus” means full, complete). The basic form is created as a spontaneous hand drawing that develops from the archetypal form of the torus, a recurring motive in the artist’s graphic work. For several years Jorinde Voigt has been translating the formal vocabulary from her drawings into sculptural works. In the Plenar sculptures she experiments with the torus’ structural properties of the inside and outside as well as the emptiness and fullness, transforming them into completeness by means of their inversion and deconstruction. Where previously there was a blank space inside the torus, the form now “closes in on itself”.