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Garden of Pleasure; Scenes of Love; The Story at the Western Wing; Jin Ping Mei; A Private Assignation; Meiren at her Bath; Subtle Pleasures; The Secret Observer; Love Games in a Secluded Garden; A Late Version of Jin Ping Mei; Nostalgia
China, 16th – 20th century; Himmelsrichtung N-S; Deklination: Windrichtung/ Windstärke in km/h; Deklination: Rotationsrichtung/ Umdrehungen pro Tag; Heute → ∞

Jorinde Voigt
Berlin 2011
140 x 200 cm

Farbiges Velin- & Ingrespapier, Bleistift, Tinte auf Aquarellpapier, Unikat, Signiert
Coloured Vellum and Ingres paper, pencil, ink on watercolour paper, unique, signed

WV 2011-218